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What is the best quantity for a dose of cannabis?

At present, the therapeutic cannabis landscape is characterized by inconsistency. There are states with varying levels of medical cannabis programs and other states with none; doctors who are well-versed in the specificities of medical marijuana, and doctors who are unaware of the existence of the endocannabinoid system. There’s also clinical research that details the efficacy of cannabis in treating specific ailments, but with sweeping differences in the doses of THC or CBD that have been administered. Deducing what constitutes a standard dose can be tricky, to say the least. For a long time, the recommended adage for those experimenting with cannabis medicine has been to “start low, go slow.” A shift is afoot, however, with calls for standardized THC units for both research and clinical purposes.

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Most California marijuana industry legislative priorities likely dead for the year due to COVID-19

Count the California marijuana industry’s legislative agenda among the victims of the coronavirus. Although the state Assembly reconvened on Monday after the entire legislative session was suspended in mid-March because of the pandemic, the state Senate won’t return until May 11. And it’s clear there is only one major priority for Assembly members: handling the COVID-19 fallout. That’s left cannabis industry advocates confronting the political reality that they’re unlikely to make much headway – if any – this year, especially with a pared-back schedule for lawmakers and a tight time frame for passing legislation in the coming weeks.

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